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Relationship Counselling

Our qualified and experienced therapists can help empower you to work through disharmony and difficulty in relationships. Effective relationship counselling can help you to understand and manage dynamics between you and your partner.

The therapist may work with areas of conflict and confusion and help you to move towards repairing and rebuilding. Learning how to communicate and connect in a more authentic and honest way can help you to identify a more positive way of being and interacting with one another.

Couples can experience problems with many areas of their lives, from dealing with roles and patterns in relationships, “stuckness”, conflict, dealing with affairs, trust, intimacy and sexual issues.

Part of the therapy process will help you to uncover and work with difficulties that are keeping you in the same unhelpful patterns and enable you to develop ways to move in to a more positive and happier.

If you are looking for Relationship Counselling Ashford, Herne Bay, Whitstable, Canterbury or Faversham and the surrounding areas, you can count on Aurora Therapy Centre.

Relationship Counselling Ashford