Addiction is a difficulty in controlling certain repetitive behaviour, eventually leading to harmful circumstances. Addiction is the result of powerful compulsions to do or use things excessively.

Addiction is often used to escape emotional and unhappy situations. This compulsiveness can trigger a repetitive process, causing suffering and pain for the addicted and their friends and family.

Addictions can develop from activities such as drinking alcohol, drug taking, betting, eating or having sex. Addictions start as a result of how these activities affect the emotions and physicality. The pleasure felt can trigger the urge into a repetitive cycle that can be hard to break.

People who are addicted are mostly not aware of their addiction and how it affects their everyday life or health. Most addicts are unable to quit on their own and therapy can be required.

Counselling is crucial to help addicts recognise their condition and how their needs are affect their behaviour. This can be an important step on the road to recovery and, eventually stopping use or doing what they are addicted to.

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