Infidelity means breaking of trust. Infidelity occurs when one partner in a relationship continues to believe that the agreement to be faithful is still in force, while the other partner is secretly violating it. Infidelity can undermine the betrayed partner’s sense of security and stability in the relationship. The emotional impact may be severe; adultery typically constitutes one of the most devastating acts of betrayal and may cause serious damage to the foundations of the trust, loyalty and security typically associated with commitment.

Aurora Therapy Centre have therapists who are highly trained and qualified to masters level to work with infidelity and affairs. Their therapists, based in Whitstable and Canterbury, understand the trauma and destruction breaking of trust can have on a relationship for both parties. They are there to help build the relationship from the ashes of infidelity or to negotiate a healthy ending for the couple.

Beautiful therapy rooms in Whitstable or Canterbury offer a safe, calm environment for this to happen, sessions can be booked weekly or fortnightly.

Couples of Kent, don’t sit in the dark passage of trauma and betrayal, head towards a new beginning of love and fulfillment.