“I brought my daughter to see Keeley in late summer 2017 as she had been experiencing considerable anxiety related to ‘thoughts’ which she felt were inappropriate and about spending time with her father (my ex-husband).

A lot of what she had been expressing to me in the months beforehand I didn’t know how to respond to in a way to help her constructively.  Over a period of about 6 weeks my daughter met with Keeley, sometimes in the clinic and even on dog walks where my daughter was at ease and, therefore, felt freer to talk openly about what she was feeling. These sessions resulted in Keeley being able to break down in stages, exactly what was causing the ‘thoughts’, and how my daughter could rationalise them with simple techniques. After a few weeks, my daughter was considerably more at ease and able to deal with moments of anxiety and has only needed one further session since to reinforce some of the strategies originally explored. I cannot recommend Keeley highly enough in terms of understanding very swiftly how to make my daughter feel at ease, share her worries and come up with really workable strategies to counter her anxiety in a range of contexts.”