Take a look at some facts about divorce and then decide if couples therapy may be a way forward to try and work on the difficulties which are leading you to even consider divorcing from your spouse.

  1. According to research first marriages have an average life span of 8 years!
  2. People in second marriages are less likely to seek a divorce due to the experience of the first.
  3. According to a survey in the UK, 50% of divorcees wish they had not divorced and tried couples therapy to help save their relationship.
  4. Children from divorced parents in Kent are more then likely to do less well then their peers whose parents in Kent  are still together.
  5. The most common themes children from Kent are referred to counselling for in Kent is family issues/divorce.

Shocking isn’t it?
Couples (relationship therapy) has a known success rate of helping couples in crisis, it can help with an array of issues from affairs to who puts the bins out.